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Innovating Analytics: A Book Review by Bob Morris

Blogging on Business | December 4, 2013 | by Bob Morris Of special interest to me are the reader-friendly devices that Freed uses with uncommon skill. They include various illustrations, checklists of key points or stages of a sequence, and best of all, mini-interviews of real people who discuss real issues in their own business situations.

Blogging on Business Innovating Analytics Review

Innovating Analytics Review from Engage Customer

Innovating Analytics for Your Customers

Engage Customer | November 27, 20133 | by Steve Hurst Innovating Analytics is the perfect guide to help companies measure the satisfaction of the customer experience and turn that data into an actionable strategy that benefits their businesses and their customers alike.

The Problem with the Net Promoter Score

TMCNet | October 23, 2013 | By Paula Bernier Larry Freed, CEO of ForeSee and author of the new book “Innovating Analytics,” recently told TMCnet that while big data presents a great opportunity for companies to better understand their customers, there’s also a need to rethink existing models for categorizing customers.

Innovating Analytics Review TMCNet