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The Blind Spot in Customer Loyalty Surveys

The Globe and Mail | December 15, 2013 When consultant Frederick Reichheld advocated his “net promoter score” in the 2006 book The Ultimate Question – the one number he said you need to know to understand customer retention and profits – marketers and companies seized on the simplicity and power of the concept. Neat, simple, and effective. But wrong, according to Larry Freed, CEO of ForeSee.

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Measuring Word of Mouth

Wharton Magazine | November 18, 2013 When it comes to customer relationships, it’s paramount for brands to measure satisfaction across all customer touch points. One measurement of satisfaction is word of mouth, and the debates on exactly how to measure it have echoed within many corporations.

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Using the Right Metrics to Measure the Customer Experience—and Predict the Future

American Management Association | November 10, 2013 It has never been easier to collect voice-of-customer data, but the challenge is putting that information into a scientific context that helps companies know how to predict and shape customer behavior in the future. In today’s multichannel world, it is also important to understand the customer experience within and across every relevant channel.

ForeSee's Word-of-Mouth Index Honored

ForeSee’s Word-of-Mouth Index Honored

The Word-of-Mouth Index (WoMI), the first measurement that combines the simplicity of Net Promoter Score (NPS) with the accuracy executives need to make sound business decisions, recently earned a Silver Golden Bridge Award for its innovative approach to voice of the customer analytics.

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In INNOVATING ANALYTICS: Word of Mouth Index—How the Next Generation of Net Promoter Can Increase Sales and Drive Business Results, author Larry Freed—president and CEO of ForeSee—introduces the Word of Mouth Index (WoMI), an innovative metric that builds on the decade-old Net Promoter Score to create a modern metric that business leaders can use improve business results.

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